Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Sam and I am on a journey to get healthier. Hence the name ‘HealthierSam’. I am a wife, Mother of 2 and part time sales woman.

My mission is to find a ‘diet’ that suits my lifestyle and budget. I am willing to give almost anything a go and will document my entire journey. I will have the help and guidance of qualified professionals to make sure I am ok and doing this the healthy way. Pictures and measurements will be taken and shared to show you any transformation. Obviously all results are unique to me as everybody is different. 

For one week I will try a different ‘diet’ eg, vegan, paleo, sugar free or exercise program to see if it works for me. I will document what I eat and share any recipes that I enjoyed. I hope that you will follow my journey and learn along with me. 

XO Sam 

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Twitter – healthiersam86