Motivate Me!

So I had really great results with the Optimal Essentials 9 day detox. I lost a whopping 3 kilos! What now?  Nothing. I had my sister’s hens night where I danced and drank a lot and my husband’s birthday is coming up so I haven’t wanted to start another ‘diet’ just yet. I feel like since the detox I’ve put on weight, but I’m too scared to jump on the scales to find out. Unfortunately due to financial reasons I’ve had to put my gym membership on hold this month. This means my regular boxing Wednesday night and HIIT/Abs class on Thursday nights are a no-go for the next few weeks. Devastated would be an understatement.  I LOVE the gym! Seeing friends, being child free for a few hours and who doesn’t love that post workout euphoric feeling?!  Fingers crossed I get the job that I interviewed for today and I can get my large arse back to the gym ASAP! If all goes well I might even be able to afford personal training with my favourite PT again. That would be a dream come true!

In the meantime I have signed up to the TIFFXO program run by Tiffany Hall. It’s something I’ve wanted to try but didn’t have the spare money. Well it must be fate because for the month of May the TIFFXO program is free! I’m currently on day 5 but I haven’t done any of the workouts, I’ve only been following the meal plan. I have just lost all of my motivation. I’m not the kind of person who loves to workout. That’s why I’ve always done group classes or PT because that way I am forced to work hard. I’ve tried looking at unflattering photos of myself, reciting what I don’t like about my body to myself in the mirror, looking at photos of women who have amazing bodies, trying on clothes that used to fit and looking at photos of myself when I was smaller. But none of that will motivate me enough to get off my butt and workout ON MY OWN.

HELP ME!!!! I need tips and tricks to get me back on track. We don’t have any special occasions coming up and I’m not likely to bump into an ex anytime soon so I have become stuck in a body rut. I’m not happy with how I look but at the same time I can’t be bothered putting in the effort to change.

Back when I thought I was fat, but wasn’t


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