Detox Done! (Thankfully) Results are in

So I have finally finished the Optimal Essentials 9 day detox and I must say that I am damn impressed with the results.  My weight fluctuated over the 9 days but mostly went down.  In total I lost a whole 3kg! It would normally take me months to lose that much weight.  I didn’t follow the program exactly.  One hour of HIIT exercise a day was recommended.  I worked out maybe three times in the whole 9 days.  I didn’t do any HIIT and I didn’t do an hours worth.  Could you imagine the amount of weight I would have lost if I did?!  I also didn’t meditate.  I tried a couple of times and just fell asleep (it’s tiring being a Mum of 2).

There were so many positives about this detox.  The Optimal Essentials Super Detox powder wasn’t disgusting.  I’ve had some green powders that are just undrinkable.  Even mixed with smoothies they are just foul.  This one had a slight lemon flavour.  Was definitely easy to drink and I plan to continue having it.  During the day I never went hungry.  I was eating 5 meals a day and fasting after dinner.  The meals were big enough to keep me going all day and small enough that I wasn’t full.  I did struggle at night.  Normally I would have a snack after I’ve put the kids to bed.  Instead I would make a herbal tea and keep myself occupied.  It was so hard not to raid my son’s chocolate stash!!!  The cost of the food wasn’t too bad either.  We did one big shop then maybe 2 small shops during the week to get a few things we had run out of.  I’d estimate $220 spent altogether on food and the powder.  One thing I didn’t expect was how good my skin would get.  Because I wasn’t eating any processed or sugary foods my skin cleared up beautifully.

Of course with the positives come a few negatives.  The program is 3 days worth of meals that you repeat 3 times.  By the third lot I was getting sick of eating the same food over and over again.  Not that the food was bad, it was actually yummy, but it got kind of bland.  I also felt like I was doing a lot of food prepping.  Usually when I prep I spend a whole morning in the kitchen and get meals ready for the week. But this time I was spending the morning prepping meals for that day.  Good thing was I didn’t stray off the diet because the food was already made up and I could grab it easily.  The program recommends 3 litres of water a day and I think to some people that might seem like a lot.  Personally, I normally drink around that much anyway so it didn’t bother me.

So my results are, drumroll please…..

Arms -1cm each, Chest -4.5cm, Waist -1.5cm, Hips -2cm, Thigh +.5cm, Calves the same.  And three kilos gone!  Woohoo!!!

I have learnt a lot from this detox.  I will try not to eat anything after dinner and will limit my caffeine intake (I found I was falling asleep a lot faster at night, good thing too because my daughter has decided 5.30am is a good time to wake up). I don’t need to feel full after a meal, I can always have a small healthy snack in a few hours if I need.  And most importantly, I can lose weight when I try.  If I ever have a special event to attend or we go on holiday (I wish) this detox will definitely be something I will do again.

Give it a go yourself.  Go to and find the 9 day detox.

XO Sam

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