Detox Update (I f**ked up)

I want to say that’s its been the easiest 5 days of my life because the food is delicious, I’m never hungry and I’ve been working out every night, but that would by lying.  I have done better than I thought, the first 4 days went down without a hitch.  I was eating 5 very healthy and perfectly portioned meals a day, drinking heaps of water and green tea and exercising.  I did have a mild headache day 2 and 3 but nothing major.

Today however, I messed up.  We went out for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant and I had a glass of Moscato.  The sweetest, sugariest, alcoholic wine possible.  After having no sugar for 5 days it tasted sweeter than normal and I couldn’t finish it.  For lunch itself I had a chicken salad without the dressing, so I didn’t screw up the detox as bad as I could have, but I still feel like I messed up.  My intention was to follow the meal plan exactly so I could give honest results.  Now I don’t feel like I can do that.

As I am typing this I am snacking on cottage cheese and berries while holding onto a full bladder because I don’t want to get up and pee again.  I am 100% back to the detox plan and still intend to review it at the end of the 9 days.  I will always be completely honest.  Today was a slip up that could have been avoided. I wasn’t craving sweets or alcohol, it was just a temporary lapse of judgement that I now regret.  But, I will not beat myself up about it.

So far I have lost 2.15kg and am really looking forward to doing measurements again at the end.  The Optimal Essentials 9 day detox has been easy to follow with a variety of yummy foods. I do, however, suggest you don’t start the detox the day after Easter when the house is still full of chocolate. That has made it a little challenging at times 🙂

XO Sam


My chicken salad from Vietnam Sunrise

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