Holiday Hell

The family and I have just come back from an amazing Gold Coast holiday.  The hell part, well that is how my body looks and feels at the moment.  I may have gone just a little overboard with the fried foods, desserts and cocktails. Oops!  You can tell just by looking at my spotty face.  And to be completely honest, in the weeks leading up to the holiday the kids and I all had shocking colds so I did a lot of comfort eating…..which is something that I really really really need to work on!

Anyway, I thought my first thing to try out would be a detox in order to cleanse my body of all the nasties I consumed in a week long eating binge….I mean holiday.  I’ve never done a detox before because, well, I have a liver.  And it’s job is to cleanse my body.  But I think after this holiday and Easter my liver needs a little TLC.

One brand I have always loved is Dr Phil Sheldon’s Optimal Essentials.  My husband and I used to listen to Dr Sheldon on the radio and are big fans of his Boost powder and protein powder.  I knew Optimal Essential had a detox powder so I went on the website and discovered a 9 day body detox program with a meal plan.  Perfect!  Because there is NO WAY I could even attempt the lemon detox or juice cleanse at the moment.  Mumma needs to eat!

The meal plan is great!  It gives you recipe’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all within 1500 calories a day for 3 days.  You just repeat it 3 times with the Super Detox powder twice a day.  For extra weight loss (if that is what you are after) you could replace a meal with a shake, but I’ll do a week of meal replacement shakes another time.

The Super Detox powder cost us $39.95 from National Pharmacies using the membership card otherwise it’s normally $49.95.  It has 66 servings so will last us a long time and can be taken when not on a special detox cleanse.  The online meal plan was $9.95 through the Optimal Essentials website and grocery shopping cost $152 for the 9 days worth for 2 people.  But we did already have a few of the ingredients.  So altogether it cost us $200ish for 9 days.  I was impressed.  Obviously the cost will vary depending on what brands you buy, quantities, etc.

SO!  I am armed with my meal plan, Super Detox powder and health tips.  I have weighed myself, taken photo’s and my wonderful husband has measured me.  Stay tuned for results and review in 9 days time.  Wish me luck!

XO Sam

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